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e are living in an exciting yet challenging time. We have more choice than ever before yet our society is more violent, uncertain, addictive, and stressful than ever. These problems impact us everyday at home and work. Unfortunately, conventional wisdom offers few solutions to high stress or the problems that result. What we all need is peace, resiliency, insight, tolerance, joy, and self-awareness. Rebecca Radcliffe's books and talks help us better cope with life's challenges and create peaceful, purposeful lives.

Today's problems require a new approach: Addictions and harmful habits will end when people find better ways to handle problems, seek a deeper purpose, and have meaningful lives. Empty lives and depression will end only when individuals are able to make choices to support their health, talents, positive connections with others, and a more peaceful world. Violence in schools, homes, worksites, and on the roads will end only when people everywhere know how to cope with pressured lives, practice tolerance, embrace diversity, and experience economic fairness. Body-hatred will end when we learn tolerance for diverse body shapes and sizes. Emotional eating, overeating, and eating disorders will end when we no longer have to silence our needs or dreams--especially those of us who are female. Rebecca's compassionate and insightful concepts help individuals and professionals create positive growth and change.

Rebecca Radcliffe's books and talks offer revolutionary insight and solutions that help change each of our lives one decision, one moment at a time. This way, we can recover joy in our lives and help create a more peaceful world. Add her books to your personal collection, libraries, office waiting areas, and resource centers and share them with those you love. Her talks charm and uplift audiences in communities, schools, and organizations. Her simple, but powerful approaches offer genuine inspiration on our life journey. Call 1-800-470-4769 or email me at rebecca@rebeccaradcliffe.com. Thank you!

I look forward to hearing from you and working together to make a better world.


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